2022 Promotion Dates

There are no regular classes on promotion days. Those who usually attend class on Wednesdays are welcome to make up the class any other day. Please remember to wear formal white uniforms (no t-shirts or uniforms of other colors).  Those who will receive promotion applications should check in at the DoJang for specific times.

The Main Purpose of Testing is to Build Self-Confidence

January Promotions – January 26 (Applications due January 24)

February Promotions – February 23 (Applications due February 21)

March Promotions – March 30 (Applications due March 28)

April Promotions – April 27 (Applications due April 25)

May Promotions – May 25 (Applications due May 23)

June Promotions – June 29 (Applications due June 27)

July Promotions – July 27 (Applications due July 25)

August Promotions – August 29 (Applications due August 27)

September Promotions – September 28 (Applications due September 26)

October Promotions – October 26 (Applications due October 24)

November/December Promotions – December 7 (Applications due December 5)

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