Our Philosophy

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1. I will develop a positive attitude to enhance my mental and physical health.

2. I will always train with all my effort, in the spirit of Tae Kwon Do, to be the best I can.

3. I will use confidence, self-discipline, and common sense to create harmony for myself and others.

4. I will respect my parents, teachers, and instructors and set a good example for others to follow.

5.  I will face adversity will balance and grace.

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10 Principles of Tae Kwon Do

Be loyal to your Country

Be obedient to your Parents

Be loving to your Spouse

Be cooperative between Brothers and Sisters

Be respectful of your Elders

Be caring to Each Other

Be trustworthy to your Friends

Be fair to All

Don’t retreat from Conflict

Accompany all decisions with ActionsFinish what you start

Training at Kim’s Martial Arts

Grand Master Jea S. Kim

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